We Purchase Owner Financed Mortgage Notes

Welcome to $$BusinessName$$, your ready source of FA$T CA$H when selling an Owner Financed Mortgage Note.  We are nationwide buyers of all types of performing mortgage notes including those collateralized by:

Our contract buyers are recognized professionals with years of experience and will provide you with a TOP DOLLAR liquidation value if the time has come to sell your mortgage note.

How We Purchase Your Note

All notes and seller needs are not equal and when purchasing your note, our contract buyers will provide you with flexible options to make the sale just right for you.  These options include the sale of:

"Power Partials":  Get Our FREE Partials Case Study

One of the most popular options when raising cash from a note sale is "Partials", or the sale of a set number of future payments rather the sale of the entire note balance.  With partials, you can often raise the emergency cash you need without selling the entirety of your note.  Once the balance is paid off, the balance of the note reverts back to the seller.

You can find out more regarding this unique and powerful option by requesting our comprehensive Case Study  on "Powerful Partials".  Its FREE, from $$BusinessName$$. Click the icon at right to order.

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Exploring the possibility of selling an owner financed mortgage note?  If so, the place to start is to request a No-Obligation FREE note quotation from one of our contract buyers.  To do so, just click the "Get a Quote" link in the right column above.  Once we have received your note request, one of our courteous underwriters will contact you within 24 hours.  You could be just days away from acquiring the cash you need and deserve.