Preparing for Business: An Overview of Your Pipedrive CRM

Marketing and Prospecting in the notes business tends to be a one-on-one task and you will need a quality CRM (Contact Relationship Manager to help with this job.  We recommend Pipedrive™ for the job due to its high capabilities and extremely low cost ($12 per month)

List Building

To succeed at notes, you must build and manage targeted "suspect" lists of...

  • NOTE HOLDERS:  Known individuals holding notes
  • SELLERS OFFERING OWNER FINANCING:  These are notes in the making
  • FSBO SELLERS:  Many "For Sale By Owner" sellers end up taking back paper
  • ANNUITY RECIPIENTS:  Those receiving monthly payment from structured settlements, gaming awards, and other annuities
  • PLAINTIFFS:  Those involved in product liability, wrongful death, and personal injury claims
  • HEIRS:  Those waiting to receive funds from an estate in probate
  • BUSINESS OWNERS:  Business owners in need of financing (if you are involved in factoring and commercial finance)
  • REFERRAL SOURCES:  One of your most important tasks, building relationships with real estate professionals, title agents, attorneys, accounting professionals, etc.


When someone on your lists responds to a mailer, completes a form on your website, requests additional information from a telephone call, then prospecting begins.  Over time (if you intend to be successful as a note broker), your lists of "suspects" will grow into the thousands.  To manage and track your prospecting efforts with list of such size, you will need a CRM such as Pipedrive™.  Find out more regarding prospecting and your note business here.

Pipedrive Overview (10 Videos) 30 Day FREE Trial

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