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Welcome to Discount Notes and Cash Flow Marketing Support at DataMax

This area of the DataMax website is designed to provide marketing and business support for those entrepreneurs operating in the business of buying or brokering mortgage notes and cash flows. Topics in this extensive support area can be accessed from the list below. 

This is a unique vocation and industry where success requires a focus on:

  • Networking and Relationship Building (Social Medial)
  • List Building and List Management
  • Targeted Direct Marketing
  • Good Organization and Contact Management Habits
  •  Web-based Lead Generation 
  • Product Training   An excellent comprehensive training program in the various product areas is provided by the Cash Flow Institute.

Cash Flow Institute Note Broker Website Setup and Operation Instructions

  1. Set Up Your Cash Flow Institute Note Broker / Cash Flow Website
  2. Accessing Your cPanel
  3. Setting Up a Business Emails
  4. Accessing File Manager
  5. Post Build Check List
  6. Expanding and Monetizing Your Website
  7. Affiliate Program Links

Reinstating a Canceled or Terminated Website

FREE Note Broker Website / Server Upgrade Program

Industry Introduction

  1. An Industry Overview
  2. What You Will Need to Enter the Discount Note Business
  3. Success or Failure in This Enterprise

Setting Up Your Pipedrive CRM and 60 Day Free Trial

  1. Pipedrive Overview and 60 Day FREE Trial

Mortgage Notes and Discounting

  1. Primary (CORE) Industry Paper Products and Areas of Operation
  2. What is Seller Financing
  3. What is a Mortgage Note?
  4. Understanding the Traditional Mortgage Industry Classifications and Repayment Structures
  5. Opportunities in the Private Mortgage Industry
  6. Note Purchase Methods
  7. Understanding Yield
  8. Understanding Discounting
  9. How to Value Mortgage Notes
  10. Additional Cash Flow Industry Products and Areas for Operation
  11. Structured Settlement Cash Outs
  12. Seller Financed Business Notes
  13. Inheritance Advances
  14. Pre-Legal Settlement Advances
  15. Factoring and Commercial Finance
  16. Consumer Paper Portfolios
  17. Luxury Asset Loans

Expanding Your Product Areas

  1. Overview
  2. Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing
  3. Rehabbing, Fix and Flip
  4. Wholesale Buying
  5. Foreclosure Investing
  6. Lease Options
  7. Mobile Homes
  8. Micro-Factoring

Learning to Price With the Financial Calculator

  1. Pricing Mortgage Notes:  Learning to Use the Financial Calculator (essential for all note brokers)
  2. Financial Calculator Basics
  3. Mortgage Note Discounting
  4. Calculate a Monthly Payment on a Mortgage Note
  5. Determine the Value of the Missing Payment Variable
  6. Determine a Mortgage Note Balance
  7. Discount and Purchase a Brand New Mortgage Note
  8. Discount and Purchase a Seasoned Mortgage Note
  9. Purchase a Payment Stream (Partial)
  10. Purchase a Balloon Payment at a Discount
  11. Purchase a Note With a Balloon at a Discount

Marketing and Operating Your Cash Flow / Note Broker Business

  1. Marketing Basics for Cash Flow Investors and Consultants
  2. Invest in Online Research
  3. Identifying and Networking With Your Target Groups
  4. Outside the Box Sources of Referral
  5. List Building and Contact Relationship Managers (PIPEDRIVE)
  6. Networking and Relationship Building Basics (PIPEDRIVE)
  7. Prospecting (PIPEDRIVE)
  8. Dripping (PIPEDRIVE)
  9. Business Cards and Business Card Design
  10. Using a Whiteboard Day Planner
  11. Social Media Marketing and Your Business
  12. Setting Up a Blog
  13. Understanding Offers
  14. Direct Marketing With "Squeeze Pages" and Website Offers (PIPEDRIVE)
  15. Email Marketing & Newsletters

Additional Topics of Interest for Cash Flow / Note Brokers

  1. Minefields:  What Can Go Wrong
  2. Service Members Civil Relief Act
  3. Dodd-Frank