Has mega-search engine Google been exposed as a dangerous stalker?  It would seem so and if the research done by a Vanderbilt professor proves accurate, it is way past time to kick your friend Google to the curb.  Though Google recently made the newswires due to it’s well publicized cover ups of sexual misconduct by executives (showcased by Andy Rubin’s $90 million sexual misconduct severance package), it is the recent spying revelations of this Silicon Valley giant that have Google beanie propellers spinning backwards.  And they should have your’s spinning backwards too.  One of the main culprits…your android cell phone.

According to the 55 page study compiled by Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering Douglas C. Schmidt, Google’s “Big Brother” data collection practices under a “day in the life” scenario are made possible by the Google Chrome browser running in the background on any idle Android cell phone.  The stationary cell phones in the test sent Google data about your, your location and habits 14 times per hour, 24 hours a day.  According to Schmidt, “These products are able to collect user data through a variety of techniques that may not be easily graspable by a general user.”

Growing Scrutiny

The study comes out amid growing scrutiny and lawsuits by consumers charging Google misled them over it’s practices when they used their devices in “in cognito” mode and attempted to turn off settings monitoring location history.