Start a Home-Based Courier Service

How to Launch a Home Based Courier Service

Starting a home-based courier service is on of the least expensive business opportunities available to today's mobile creatives.  The term "home-based" is a misnomer when first starting out as you will likely spend most of the day collecting and delivering parcels to both individuals and businesses so this is not a business for the "stay at home" moms.

To launch a courier service business you will need...

  • a dependable vehicle (preferably an SUV or even a van) with GPS system
  • insurance (Courier Insurance)
  • bonding (for employees)
  • a website
  • cell phone
  • small marketing budget for brochures or flyers
  • computer, printer, and accounting software for invoicing

Courier Insurance

A courier service is actually very specialized "concierge" service niche and with the right attitude and hard work, can be built up quickly.  One thing you will definitely need for this business is "courier insurance" as you will often be transporting checks and legal / financial documents.  Courier insurance protects you financially if the documents you are carrying are lost or stolen in transit. Fortunately, courier insurance policies are low cost unless you are specializing in transporting very expensive goods, cash, drugs, etc.


Bonding is a bit different than insurance as it typically covers the theft of goods in transit by an employee.  If you start your business on your own where you are the only employee of the company, you may be able to operate without the additional expense of bonding.  Once you hire additional drivers, however, bonding will be a must.

Marketing for Startups

Marketing your courier service will involve a great deal of canvassing or simply walking in to businesses and dropping off a brochure, flyer, and a few promotional items.  Promotional items can include such things as note pads with your business information located at the top, mouse pads, coasters, etc.   You will also need to invest in some magnetic signs for the side of your vehicle.  A website, your virtual office, is essential.