Reinstating a Terminated Website (1 Year or Less)

If your website has been inactive for a period of one year or less due to you voluntarily canceling or if your hosting account failed to clear payment, reinstating your any DataMax website is a relatively simple process.  If your website was canceled for non-payment of hosting fees or if you voluntarily canceled your website hosting and it has been more than one year and you now wish to reinstate it, you will need to fully repurchase the site and re-establish hosting.

Reinstatement Fees

The fee for reinstating any DataMax website that has been canceled for one year or less is just $79.95 plus your annual domain fee if applicable.  Once you pay for reinstatement AT DMS WebHost (by clicking the GREEN BUTTON below), simply proceed to the appropriate website templates area, select a new template, and then follow the link and complete the Website Build Form.  There will be no need to set up new hosting since you will have already done so.

Typically, we will have your website reactivated and up and running within 24-48 hours.

Cash Flow Institute Reinstatement Fees

The reinstatement fee for members of the Cash Flow Institute are $49.95 for a standard Classic site or $99.95 for a Professional Series Website.