Get Started!  Purchase Your Enterprise Website.

Building your new DataMax Enterprise Website is very easy and is a simple three (3) step process.

  1. DOMAIN:  You will need to purchase a domain (your address on the web).  You can purchase this through DataMax at or through any domain vendor.  If you purchase your domain through a vendor other than DataMax, you will need to point that domain to our host servers.
  2. BUILD FORM:  This provides us with all of your business information and template choice so we can build your new website.  This is an Online Form that you will complete and submit.  To get additional information on what you will need to complete this form (click here).
  3. PURCHASE and HOSTING PACKAGE:  Hosting for your Enterprise Website is provided on both a month-to-month basis as well as an annual subscription with discounts (recommended).  There is a direct "clickable" link to the hosting packages from any particular Build Form.

To access the correct build form for your Enterprise Website, simply click the appropriate link below.

Questions and Answers

  • Q: Once I purchased a domain, hosting account, and submitted my Build Form, how long does it take for my site to be set up?
    A: Typically, we will have your site up within 24 hours when we "match" documents.
  • Q: Can I call in my credit card information for the domain and hosting / purchase account?
    A: Absolutely.  It is very easy, however, to purchase on our management site at DMS WebHost.
  • Q: How much is my purchase fee?
    A: Purchase fees vary based on the size of your Enterprise Website but range from $99.95 to $249.95
  • Q: How much is my hosting fee?
  •  A: Hosting runs from $14.95 per month if purchased on a month-to-month basis to about $12.95 per month is purchased annually
  • Q: What if I already own a domain for my business?
    A:  No problem.  You will, however, need to "Point" your domain to our name servers so we can access the domain to build your site.  (more info).
  • Q:  Is there a contract term with DataMax?
    A:  We offer month to month hosting as well as discounted annual subscriptions