Editing Your Site With Microsoft Expressions Web

Using the Expressions Web Editor from Microsoft

At DataMax, we are always glad to update your site as required and you have a choice to use our staff at our modest fee rate, or learn to update your site on your own.  So...learning to access your site and use the Microsoft Expressions Web editor will save you both time and money.  With the Expressions Web Editor, you will be able to quickly:

  • Edit text on any page
  • Change contact information
  • Update price and service lists
  • Add a new page
  • Change colors and backgrounds
  • Change fonts and font sizes
  • Run advertising specials for marketing campaigns
  • Much more

In fact, Expressions Web is such a powerful editor, you may find yourself adding new pages to your DataMax Enterprise site or even building an entirely new companion website.

Is Expressions Web Difficult to Use?

Expressions Web is a WYSIWYG editor and for most everyday updating functions such as text changes, is no more difficult to use than Microsoft Word®. We do, however, HIGHLY recommend purchasing the excellent instructional manual Microsoft Expression Web 4 by Jim Cheshire which is available from Amazon.com.  (see link lower left)

Basic Instructions / Training / Setup Tutorial $60

For those wanting the ability to update and modify their website more than just occasionally, we can provide you with the "basic" instructions on how to:

  • how to import your site using FTP and set up a local copy of your site on your home computer
  • use the local copy of your site to make the necessary changes / updates / edits you want to make
  • then, once you are satisfied, publish those changes back to the Web

This is a one hour Expressions Web tutorial with a member of the DataMax staff.  Cost is $60.

Expressions Web is a very powerful website development / editing tool and while simply looking at the Expressions Web editor might seem a bit scary at first, don't be overwhelmed.  Your website is already constructed and the process of simply editing a site (your site) which is already built and published on the Web is very, very simple. 

You can download Microsoft Expressions Web to your computer now by clicking the "FREE" link above left.