Welcome to Cash Flow / Note Broker Support at DataMax Marketing

This private area of the DataMax Marketing website is provided to assist members of the Cash Flow Institute in setting up their new note broker and cash flow business, expanding their product areas of operation, and understanding how to market and develop business in these product areas.

Broker Types (What Are You?)

There are two very distinct types of individuals drawn to the Discount Notes / Cash Flow Industry:

  1. MORTGAGE / REAL ESTATE NOTE BROKERS:  These individuals are real estate oriented and will primarily focus on investing in or brokering mortgage-backed paper and property.  Many will either already have or will develop business expertise in other professional areas such as real estate wholesaling, lease option investing, fix and flip investing, tax deed investing, etc.  Most in this side of the industry tend to be "investment oriented".
  2. CASH FLOW BROKERS:  These individuals are true "mobile creatives" with a focus on developing multiple income streams.  They will always expand their product areas beyond traditional real estate with additional opportunities such as structured settlements, life settlements, inheritance advances, commercial finance (factoring), business notes, annuity cash outs, luxury personal lending, and much more.  Most in this side of the industry tend to be "broker oriented".

Capital Requirements (You Need Less Capital Than You Think)

One of the most attractive characteristics and features of entering the Cash Flow Industry is the minimal capital requirements necessary to start your business and actual begin operation.   Even for those on the investment side of the industry, capital needs tend to be minimal in many cases as wholesaling and lease option investing tends to focus on "controlling" real estate with no money down.

So...while it is always good to have adequate capital when starting a business, the Cash Flow Industry is one that can be entered with a very small amount of initial investment and on a very small monthly budget.  In fact, on a truly "minimalist basis", you will only need to purchase and acquire a few things to initially start your business and operate successfully:

  1. HOME OFFICE EQUIPMENT:  You will need either a desktop or laptop computer.  You will also need a 4-in-1 printer, and a cell phone.  We recommend both a desktop for home and marketing support item design and a laptop when traveling.  If you can only afford one, however, opt for a quality laptop.  Dell will typically always have some sale going for Latitude business laptops in the $450 range. www.dell.com
  2. SOFTWARE:  You will need some computer software to generate client proposals and prospecting letters, brochures, flyers, etc.  The #1 choice here is Microsoft Business 365 with an $8.25 - $10 per month subscription.  You will absolutely need Microsoft Publisher (unless you already have Adobe Creative Cloud with InDesign).  Microsoft Publisher is included with the Business 365 subscription. 
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA CAPABILITIES:  Social Media is FREE, but you will need to have or find the time necessary to invest in its use and to generate business leads.
  4. MARKETING MATERIALS:  You will need business cards and envelopes.  Ultimately, you will need a few brochures and flyers for direct mail marketing.  Your computer will handle your sales letters.  Quality brochure and flyers stock when small quantities are needed is available from Paper Direct http://www.paperdirect.com/brochures
  5. BUSINESS WEBSITE:  Your website from DataMax is your virtual office and storefront and performs two critical tasks for you.  Your business website...
    • displays and features all of your product areas for the world (and your targeted suspects) to see.
    • gathers qualified "leads" through its FREE offers, forms and form fields for you to prospect.
  6. EMAIL MARKETING SERVICE:  You will likely need an email marketing service such as MailChimp.  This service is initially FREE, although you will need a low cost subscription as your lists and list members increase and grow in number. 
  7. CONTACT RELATIONSHIP MANAGER (CRM):  As you begin operation, you will be spending a great deal of time building lists of "targets".  Over time (as a successful broker or investor), you will have thousands of targeted suspects and there is absolutely no way to manage such lists on a professional basis without a CRM.  Our CRM of choice is Pipedrive™ due to its...
    • low cost (starts at just $12.00 per month if billed monthly.  $10 if billed annually)
    • low learning curve (with its expansive video tutorials) you can be a Pipedrive Expert) within 24 hours)
    • expansive capabilities (Pipedrive is incredible flexible and can easily be configured to handle multiple sales pipelines.  Perfect for the Cash Flow Industry and its many product areas.
    • integration with Gmail and MailChimp (Pipedrive integrates with any standard Gmail account and with MailChimp allowing you to handle almost all of your marketing tasks directly from Pipedrive.)

Total Estimated Start Up Costs / Monthly Budget

Considering you already have a desktop or laptop and printer, the following is a ballpark estimate of your monthly early operating expenses.

  1. Microsoft Office 365...$10 per month
  2. Social Media Subscription...FREE
  3. Marketing Materials & Postage...$0 to $100 (Most of your time in your first months will be spent list building and on social media.  You may need a brochure and some postage along with your business cards.
  4. Website Hosting and Domain...$14.95 for hosting (monthly) and $14.99 for domain (yearly)
  5. Email Marketing...FREE for first 500 prospects
  6. CRM (Pipedrive)...$12.00 per month

So...when staring out, your "minimalist" cost should be under $50 per month.  There are very, very few businesses you can enter successfully for such a staggeringly low figure!

Navigating This Support Area for CFI Members

The DataMax Support Area for Note / Cash Flow Brokers is expansive and is design to support broker marketing efforts and business expansion for mobile creatives.  It is subdivided into "SECTIONS" for easy navigation.  To enter any specific SECTION, select the appropriate icon in the upper left column.