Preparing for Business:  Setting Up Your Cash Flow Institute Note Broker Website

For home-based businesses like Note Brokering, where practitioners seldom operate from commercial office space, having a professional looking and accessible website is critical to your success.  For the most part, very few successful businesses in today's internet savvy world operate without a website.  You must have a "virtual office" on the web where those you meet can go to find out more about what you do.  You must provide offers to visitors and have form fields where you can collect leads.   That virtual office is your website.

Three Primary Types of Website Templates for Cash Flow Institute Note Brokers

Because there are so many specialty areas of operation for note brokers, when it comes to websites which will represent your business, one size definitely DOES NOT fit all.  At DataMax, we provide three unique series of template for those that participate in the popular Discount Note Industry.

  1. CASH FLOW INSTITUTE BROKER "CLASSIC SERIES" SITES:  These are sites that focus on the four primary areas of Cash Flow brokers...Private Mortgage Notes, Seller Financed Business Notes, Gaming Award Cash Outs, and Structured Settlement Cash Outs. 
  2. CASH FLOW INSTITUTE BROKER "PRO SERIES" SITES:  These are more expansive sites for note brokers intent on expanding their business into the many additional areas of cash flow brokering and real estate investing.  They additionally include our popular Video Salesperson option.
  3. CASH FLOW INSTITUTE "PRO SERIES HYBRID":  Our unique hybrid sites are used by those Cash Flow Institute Brokers wanting to provide services in factoring and commercial finance as well as the standard consumer related product areas.  Hybrid websites are used by Cash Flow Institute members who have subscribed to the Factoring Made Easy Program or Purchased IACFB's Factoring 101 training guide from Amazon.   

Setting Up Your Note Broker / Cash Flow Consultant Websites

Setting up your Cash Flow / Note Broker Website is very easy and you will only need to perform FOUR (3) easy steps to set up your website.

  1. Gather your Business Information
  2. Select your choice of website "template" from our current suite of available options
  3. Set up your Hosting, Domain Account, and Build Your Website (if you do not already have a domain, you can purchase it at DMS WebHost

1. Gather Your Business Information

To build your site, you will need to gather the following Business Information

2. Choose a Website Template

You have three series of website templates to choose from.  When you have selected a template, write down its name.  Click either the links below to view our current selection.

3.  Set Up Your Hosting and Build Your Website

Depending on whether you are building a "Classic" or "Pro" Series site, click the appropriate link below to set up your DataMax Hosting account at DMS WebHost. 

Set Up Time: 24-48 Hours

Typically, once we have both your Build Form and Hosting Account information, your site will be up and operational within 24-48 hours.  Once your site is built, you will receive an email from DataMax containing password and login information for your Business Emails and cPanel access.