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Build a DataMax Enterprise Website

Building a new Enterprise website at DataMax is very easy.  To build your new site you will only need to complete three steps.  You will need to...

  1. Purchase Your Website's Domain and Hosting Package:  This is your "www" address on the World Wide Web.  If you do not already have a domain, you can purchase it through DMS WebHost before you complete your Build Form.  A direct RED BUTTON link for domain purchase and hosting set up is on the Build Form.  NOTE:  After purchasing your domain, you will receive an email from ENOM which requires that you validate your contact information.
  2. Complete a "Build Form":  This provides us with the necessary information such as your business name, business phone numbers, email addresses, etc. to actually build your site.  A RED BUTTON link is also available fromm the various template views pages to the proper "Build Form" for your Enterprise website.  It is in the left column of any Enterprise Website templates page.

Information You Will Need to Build Your Website

In order to complete your Build Form, you will need some information.  You will need your...

  • Business Name:  The name you will operate under
  • Domain Name:  This is your "www" address on the internet and you must choose one not already in use.  You can check for any domain's availability prior to purchase at  You can also check directly at DMS WebHost is purchasing from us.
  • Template Choice:  You will need the name of the website template you have selected from our suites of templates for your career / profession.
  • Phone / Fax Numbers:  You will need business phone / fax / toll free, cellular etc.
  • Business Email Address:  For contact forms.  All DataMax website hosting plans now provide five (5) free business email addresses.  We recommend you use one for form submissions such as info@ or quotes@.  We recommend you use another with your name for marketing such as bill@  or jessica@.

Logins and Passwords

You are going to be generating several logins and passwords so make certain you write them down.

  • DMS WebHost:  This will use your personal email address and a password of your choice.  It allows you to log in to DMS WebHost at anytime to handle billing matters, repair work orders, etc..  The email address you provide on DMS WebHost is where we will send your invoices and notices if your credit card fails to clear for hosting in any month.
  • Website Email:  DataMax will set up the emails you provide us on your Build Form when we build your site. You will be able to add others, if necessary, from your cPanel.  When we set up your email, we will create a "temporary" password for you.  You will be able to update that password after login.
  • cPanel:  This will be provided to you by DataMax and gives you access to your Control Panel which you can use for updating information on your site, changing text and images, adding email boxes, etc.

About Your Website Domain

Your domain name is your website's address on the internet.  It will start with "www." and preferably end with ".com".  A typical example would be something like "".   Domain names can only include letters, numbers, and hyphens (-).  No other characters, periods, or spaces can be used such as (&). 

Domain names are unique to each website and that means you cannot use a domain which is already in existence.  You MUST check to see if a domain is available for use by going to 

Pointing a Domain to Our Servers

If you purchase your domain through DataMax and we are its host, we will set it up properly in our servers.  If, however, you have already acquired your domain from another host such as Go Daddy, Network Solutions, etc., you will need to "point" that domain to our servers so we can build your site.  Once you have purchased your website Hosting Package, you should change your name servers to:

Selecting Your Business Email

Before you complete our Build Form, you will need to have (at least) a business phone number and a business email address.  Many will also have a fax number but if you currently do not have a fax, this can be added at a later date.  You must, however, have a business email address so we can code your website's contact forms properly.  You have several choices when it comes to your business email address.  Additional information on BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESSES can be found here.

Video Salesperson

Many DataMax website templates can be configured with a javascript Video Salesperson.  This powerful sales tool and marketing support addition is available for just a one time fee of $99.95.

Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics is the world's #1 traffic tracking software.  Once you generate your tracking script, DataMax will install that script on each and every page of your site for a flat one-time fee of $25.00 or you may add this yourself at no cost through your cPanel's Code Manager.

Set Up Your Website Now

To purchase and set up your DataMax Enterprise Website now, simply go to the templates page of your enterprise (choose WEBSITES from the Navigation Bar).  Choose the template of your choice, write down its name, and then click the RED button to view and complete the Purchase, Domain Setup, and Build Form for that enterprise. 
NOTE:  Cash Flow Institute and IACFB members should use the "SPECIAL LINKS" provided for setup.