Looking for a New Home-Based Career Path?

Thousands are.  Over 500,000 each month in fact.  Recent statistics show nearly 70% of all businesses started in the U.S. begin at home.  What's more, nearly 60% of all businesses started continue to operate from the convenience of a home for at least 3 years after start up.

Is a Home-Based Business a Solution for You?

Recent studies bear out what almost everyone knows in their heart...it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet on a one job employee income.  In fact, real wages, for what are considered middle class, have dropped over 7% during the last 15 years.  Blame it on globalization, technology, or the economy, it is simply getting more difficult each and every year.  So how do you get ahead?  A new career and home-based business may hold the solution.

What Business Should I Start?

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face once they have decided to leave the ranks of the underpaid employee and strike out on their own is...what type of home business enterprise to start?  There are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to choose from and sorting through the choices can be mind boggling.  Often, choosing the right home business may take some assistance and guidance....assistance and guidance from a Home Business Consultant.

Home Business Consultants

Home Business Consultants are fee-based, knowledgeable research professionals who are involved in finding, cataloging and reviewing popular business and franchise opportunities for their clients.  Through a series of short interviews, they assist entrepreneurs in exploring money making opportunities and help them to find just the right home-business to start.  They assist their clients through the business start up phase as required, and help them get up, running, and operating.